Дата: 19.06.2014 | Читы для Combat Arms


*WallHack - See PlayerModel throw Walls.
*WireFrame - See PlayerModel in WireFrame.
*PointFrame - See PlayerModel in PointFrame.
*Chams - Colored PlayerModels with WallHack.
*GlassWalls - GlassWall Effect.
*WhiteWalls - WhiteWall Effect.
*No Hands - Your Hands are hidden.
*D3D Crosshair - Draw your own colored Crosshair in middle of Screen.
*Full Bright - More light in the World.
*HD-View - View Map with more light, more color, more details.
*No Fog - Removes Fog.
*No Smoke - Removes Smoke.
*Player Glow - Draw Glow around PlayerModel.
*Windowed - Windowed Mode, Minimize Game to see Effect.
*Show FPS - Show Current FPS.

*AimBot - Turn Aimbot ON/OFF
*AimKey - Select Aimkey to aim with, OFF is AutoAim.
*TargetBone - Select the Bone where to Aim.
*LockOn - Locks on the selected Target.
*HitScan - Scan for visible Bones if Target Bone of player is not visible.
*AimType - Aim by Distance, Crosshair, Health, OFF is Distance.
*AimFOV - Aim in Field Of View.
*Smoothness - Smoothness factor of Aimbot.
*TeleKill - Teleport to Enemys to kill them.
*AutoShoot - Let the Aimbot auto shot if target found.
*TeamCheck - Select on wich Team to aim, OFF is EnemyOnly.
*DisableVisibleCheck - Disables the Visible Check to aim throw Walls.

-Radar & ESP-
*Enemy Only - Display ESP on Enemys only.
*Radar - Draw Radar.
*Name ESP - Draw Player Name
*Distance ESP - Show Distance to Players
*Rank ESP - Show Player Rank, 1 - Short Names, 2 - Long Names
*Line ESP - Draw Lines in 2 different ways.
*Health ESP - Draw Players Health.
*Armor ESP - Draw Players Armor.
*Bone ESP - Draw Players Skeleton with Lines.
*Grenade ESP - Draw Circle around Nades and Warning Message.
*Pickup ESP - Draw Blue Circle around PickupItems.
*EngineChams - NX Chams.
*EngineWireframe - NX WireFrame.
*2D Boxes - 2D Box around Player.
*Skeleton - Draw Skeleton of Player only.

*Zoom - Right mouse click to zoom.
*No Recoil - No Recoil for Weapons.
*No Spread - No Bullet Spread for Weapons.
*No CamDamage - No Camera shake if you get hit.
*Tracers - Bullet tracer lines, will stay for the full game round!

*PickUp Hack[C] - Press 'C' to get all PickUp's on the Game World in front of you.
*Unl. PickupRange - Disable the Pickup range limit.
 *Unl. WeaponRange - Disable the Weapon range limit.
*RapidFire - Lets you shot really fast while you press Left Mouse button. (Currently removed)
*SuperBullets - Shot throw Walls.  (Currently removed)
*NoReload - No Reload, bullets wont hurt after the first round.   (Currently removed)
*Invisible - No one can see you.
*GhostMode[X] - Press 'X' to fly around as ghost, default movement keys will move your real char.
*RemoteKill - Sort of OPK / MassKill (Currently removed)
*InstantRespawn - No delay to respawn into the fight. ( works only for NA )
*Gravity Hack - Disable Gravity.
*Glitch/Fly Speed - Adjust Glitch and Fly Speed factor.
*FlyToView - Press 'G' to fly in your view direction, Z[UP], H[DOWN].
*Fly Hags - Alternative Fly Hags, Press 'SPACE' to use.
*Speedhack - Move faster.
*Hide Gun - Hides your Gun.
*HighJump - SuperJump ( all over factor 6 will let you die after cooming back down ).
*No Weapon Sway - No Weapon movement while scoped in.
*No Breath - No Breath.
*Suicide - SelfKill yourself.

-Misc & Settings-
*Spammer - Advertise for GHB-Hacks. you may get reported and banned for that.
*VoiceSpammer - Spam Voice Messages, other users cannot find out who is spamming.
*Server Crasher - Let the whole game crash for all players. Use it if you get kicked.
*Show SideBar - Show/Hide SideBar

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