Loadout Multihack

Дата: 30.03.2014 | Читы для Loadout


Description: Features: - Aimbot - Autoshoot - Wallhack - Chams - Esp - Killsounds This hack only works in DirectX9: Navigate to %LOCALAPPDATA%\EdgeOfReality\Loadout Open engine.ini with a text editor and change DX11=1 to DX11=0 How to use this hack: 1. run n7lo.exe 2. click the loadout button and play (or join a game and inject later) The ingame menu: use INSERT to turn on/off the menu use arrow keys up/down to navigate, left/right to toggle options Note: Both teams are using the same models, you have to hit an enemy once before aimbot locks on your target. I recommend using autofire for this. This fixes that you will not aim at your own team, you will not aim at dead bodies etc. but it has downsides as well. Recommended settings: weapon crafting: beam settings->keybindings->"aim/zoom in" key should be the same as your aimkey How to get banned: If you die you can switch to death camera and spectate other players for a while, if your aiming is too good people will get suspicious and record a video of you playing, they have an extra thread for reporting players. It is possible that they use or will use some kind of hardware ban to stop ppl creating a new accounts. You are less likely to get banned if you play with ppl against bots or if you use high aimsmooth which will reduce your accuracy.

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